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Technodeal specialises in the secondment of technical personnel.
If you want to get a new job and you have a technical background with experience in for example construction or production, we would be pleased to get to know you! Please contact us.

"Works for you!"
Transparent and honest

If you want to know what we can do for you, come and meet us in person and find your full-time and long-term job with us. We have plenty of options for industrious candidates with technical insight!

Personal, thoughtful and involved

Let us search with you to find an interesting and suitable job, taking your wishes into account. A vacancy that suits you! Also during your employment via Technodeal we will stay in touch with you personally.


We consciously choose for the technical sector, because we have many years of specialist knowledge and experience and can offer customised vacancies. Our message is craftsmanship!

Follow the example of these people
Luis Constructional fitter / Welder
Maksims Steelfixer
Sjaak Steelfixer
Maciej Wood model maker
Dirk Natural stone gluer
Maksims Steelfixer
Sjaak Steelfixer

About Technodeal

Strong in technical staff

Technodeal specializes in the deployment of technical and production personnel.
We offer full-time jobs with good future prospects.

We look beyond just a CV or a job description. Who are you and what are you looking for in a job?
Would you like to get started and do you have experience in technology, production and / or construction, then we would like to get to know you!